I graduated from Bard College at Simon's Rock in May 2012. Simon's Rock is the only college in the country exclusively for younger scholars, meaning that nearly all students attend Simon's Rock after their Sophomore or Junior year of high school. Looking to escape the academic and social malaise of my high school, I fled to the beautiful mountains of the Berkshires.

For me, the most wonderful part of my Simon's Rock education was the intense learning environment. Students at Simon's Rock receive a great deal of close interaction with their professors and peers. My time in the classroom was full of lively debates, intensive reviews of my writing, and critiques of my problem solving on the chalk board. Simon's Rock gave me a love of learning that I try to bring to every aspect of my life.

While at Simon's Rock I studied Math, Economics, and Political Studies extensively. My political studies coursework was primarily in political theory, which gave me a strong foundation in writing and critique. In economics, my professors always pushed the boundaries of the typical undergraduate economics education. Through the use of graduate level textbooks, current journal articles, and analysis of recent economic events, my economics education was consistently topical and intensive. In mathematics, my upper-level math classes completely changed my approaches to problem solving. Not only did I take the usual Calculus courses, Linear Algebra, ODE, Statistics, etc., I had the privilege of taking Geometric Group Theory with a visiting professor who introduced me to the frontiers of theoretical research in mathematics.

During my Junior year at Simon's Rock, I also had the opportunity to study at Lincoln College, Oxford University. Oxford gave me access to world-class professors and facilities. Although I ended up leaving after two terms (out of three) in order to accept a research position at Tulane University, my time at Oxford is an experience I will never forget. (Yes, it really looks like you're in a Harry Potter book.) To finish out the year on time for my research position, I completed the academic year taking math courses at the University of California, San Diego. I had a great time in the California sunshine, detoxing from the UK's gloom by eating fresh fruit and doing math problems.